Military Family Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas
Prayers and tears were heard
Not every home
Was filled with joyful words
 So many families
Separate from their own
They had a soldier
That wasn’t home
Some had decorated
But not too much
Some had not
To emotional to touch
They had been through
A lot of lonely days
Others had forgotten these families
During the holiday’s
With a slight turn
I looked over my shoulder
There on the wall
A picture of a soldier
Standing in uniform
Waving good-bye
Smiling proudly
As if saying, it’ll be fine
Then I thought
Of those families together
Do they know of
This sacrifice, this endeavor
Most will awake
To presents under the tree
Be with loved ones
And filled with glee
This family here
Like many more
Will be alone
Or carry a void
For the soldier
Who isn’t here
Off at war, pullin duty,
For those, dedication is clear
I wonder if others
Thought tonight
Of the families
Hurting each night
Did they, shed a tear
Say a prayer
Or only dream
And not really care
I could feel the love
In this house that I stood
And knew they had
What others should
My eyes welled up
As I turned to go
I said a prayer
Not, Ho Ho Ho
As I left that home
And flew outta sight
I would be changed
Forever that night
Merry Christmas to you all, I hope you’re holiday’s are bright!
Written by: Kimberly Michele Durham

About Kimberly Michele Durham


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