Dustin Walker Releases New Songs with Jeff Silverman


“Body Bag” (a two song release) is the first music from a new face on the rock and roll scene, 15-year old Dustin Walker. The songs were co-written and produced by Jeff Silverman. Jeff is a veteran producer, engineer, songwriter, accomplished musician, singer and music/audio editor for film and television. Dustin, who began playing guitar at the young age of five, crafted these songs drawing from his strong influences obtained from performing on stage with groups such as Grammy-Award-Winner Rick Springfield and the popular Canadian hard-core rock band Comeback Kid. The songs combine Dustin’s love for the sounds of the 1980s with a more modern twist and heavy guitar influences. Dustin credits Ronnie Grinel for giving him his first big break on stage at the age two.

Dustin performed onstage playing lead guitar for Rick Springfield in the summer of 2010. This performance was filmed for an upcoming documentary film about Springfield called “An Affair of the Heart” by Yellow Rick Road Productions (www.rickspringfielddoc.com). The film is directed by Emmy® Award winning Sylvia Caminer and produced by entertainment and marketing veteran, Melanie Lentz-Janney. Shortly after this, Dustin began collaborating with Jeff Silverman and it eventually led to the recording of Dustin’s first two songs “I Can’t Do Anything For You” and “Body Bag” during the summer of 2011.

Dustin states that “These songs were written, performed live for a while and then re-worked so, there is a lot of time and thought put into them.” Jeff Silverman agrees “regardless of his first time in the studio, Dustin came out with a great product!” “He is not only completely dedicated to his music, he is absolutely determined to make his mark in the music industry.”

Jeff Silverman started playing piano at the age of 5, then guitar at 10 and made the decision to make music a lifelong career not long after. In 1976 he landed in LA and almost immediately met up with Rick Springfield for his first US tour. He has been a staff songwriter at Motown/LA and has produced and/or co-written with a number of artists including: Rick Springfield, Michael Peterson, Dion Pride, Nick Gilder, Debra Lyn, and most recently Dustin Walker. Jeff has also mixed, mastered and edited for artists such as: Charice, Boyz to Men, David Cassidy, George Clinton and Prince and has performed live with Rick Springfield, Roger Miller and Redbone. He currently operates Palette Studios, his own Pro Tools HD3 studio inNashville,Tennessee where he writes, produces and records. http://www.palettemusic.net

Dustin Walker’s music has been featured world wide on the Rowdy Ron Radio Show http://www.965thenoize.net/ and the U.S. Military Radio Station Hooah Radio http://www.hooahradio.com/ DJ, Dee McNeal (Real Radio Supporting Your Military).

Dustin Walker’s songs are available for purchase on iTunes and CD Baby.



Dustin Walker’s Official Website: http://www.dustinwalkersongs.com

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