Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show


Madonna shared the stage with LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, MIA and Cee Lo Green, during the Super Bowl XLVI (46) half-time show, in what is being called the best half-time show since Prince performed.

Though impossible to please everyone, the technical-spectacle had Madonna’s flair and touch of class throughout. The set-list was a mix of both familiar and new; each song flowed into the next with a unique twist. Her use of the field was a feast for the eyes, using elements worthy of attention from those who watched.

With praise, comes criticism and the critics held nothing back. Cursing the use of lip-syncing and calling the performance a bore. There’s even been much attention given to MIA’s finger gesture and argument over its meaning. However, has any half-time show escaped incident or complaint? I think not.

Taking into account the amount of time performers have to put on a crowd-pleasing performance, this years show was one of the best. At 53 years of age, Madonna still knows how to surround herself with the right people and put on a show that many youngsters could learn from.

Photo Credit: Matthew Emmons – US PRESSWIRE

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