Whitney Houston Laid To Rest


Whitney Houston was laid to rest Sunday, February 19th at Fairview Cemetery next to her father, John Russell Houston, who died in 2003. The burial was a private “family only” service.


Fans gathered along the motorcade route from the Newark funeral home to the Westfield cemetery to say their last goodbyes.


Being in the music and entertainment industry isn’t always as glamorous as it may seem, and though all the words spoken by those at Houston’s Saturday service were beautiful, Ray Watson ended his speech with words worthy of transcribing.


Remarks by Whitney Houston’s “real-life” bodyguard, Ray Watson…
“We got to give a little back to all our entertainers. We gotta treat them with dignity, and treat them with love, and stop ridiculing them. It means so much if we just give a little love other than just buying a ticket. We buy a ticket, and they give their lives to you. They’re not with their families; they’re in and out, on stage, off stage, on planes, off planes, on buses, traveling doing everything just so we can have some entertainment. Weather they’re on a court, or weather they’re on the stage, or weather they’re on TV, they’re giving us entertainment to make our lives just a little brighter, and nights a little smoother. So let’s give back to them, let’s give them love other than just a ticket. This lady right here (arms stretched towards Whitney Houston’s casket) she loved you and I know that, I was with her every day almost.”
(transcribed by Kim Durham – K*Chele Magazine)

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