Motörhead: Don’t Buy Our New Box Set, Band Says


Call it “Overkill” if you must, but the iron-fisted metal band Motörhead doesn’t want its fans to buy its extravagant new 15-disc box set that comes out Tuesday.


At over $600, it’s too expensive.

“Unfortunately greed once again rears its yapping head,” said frontman Lemmy Kilmister. “I would advise against it even for the most rabid completists!”

Housed in a Motörhead-style skull with red light-up eyes, the package includes the eight early albums — from the self-titled debut to “No Remorse” — plus the band’s early singles, along with some posters and a photo book.

“Motörhead have no control over what’s done with these early songs, and don’t want fans to think that the band is involved in putting out such a costly box set,” the band said.

The price for the “Complete Early Years Box Set” is similar to The Beatles 2009 Japanese remastered box set, which included 16 discs and a DVD, according the website The U.S. version can be purchased these days for less than $200.

ABBA’s nine CD box set went for about $500.

But are fans willing to slap down six big bills for set?

In the forum on the band’s official website, the limited reaction was negative.

“No way, there’s nothing new in that box, not even one new song,” said a fan, who goes by the handle MotorLaw. “For serious collectors only.”

At least one fan seemed tired of the new spin on the old albums.

“Except for the nice packaging it’s just a re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-release!” said Juggernaut.

If its fans aren’t spending money on the new box set, what would Motörhead have them do instead?

The band does have a new album and DVD out — “The Wörld Is Yours” and “The Wörld Is Ours – Vol 1 – Everywhere Further Than Everyplace Else.” Both were released late last year.

By Ed Payne, CNN

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