“The 84th Academy Awards – Celebrate the Music”

Hans Zimmer’s All-Star Academy Awards® Band Releases
“The 84th Academy Awards – Celebrate the Music” Collection
on the iTunes Store

A new compilation of music centered around Academy Award®-winning composer Hans Zimmer’s theme for this year’s Oscar® telecast is now available on the iTunes Store. Titled “The 84th Academy Awards – Celebrate the Music,” the collection includes the show’s musical theme plus six unique, inventive interpretations of the theme by other artists, and the “In Memoriam” choral rendition of “What a Wonderful World.”

In addition to both of the 84th Academy Awards music directors – Zimmer and musician/producer/composer Pharrell Williams (of The Neptunes) – the extraordinary group of international artists who contributed their talents includes: percussionist/drummer/composer Sheila E.; Grammy®-winning double bass player/singer Esperanza Spalding; guitarist/composer Stephane Wrembel (“Midnight in Paris”); three-time Oscar-winning composer Giorgio Moroder; two-time Oscar winning composer/musician A.R. Rahman; violin/cello virtuosi Ann Marie Calhoun and Martin Tillman; Dutch hit remixer/composer/electronic musician Junkie XL; and multiple Grammy-winning British musician/producer Peter Asher.

Each musician created their own piece of music inspired by or derived from Zimmer’s basic thematic framework. The compilation of these unique interpretations of the theme is available for download now at iTunes.com/oscars.

The credits and details of the tracks are as follows:

The 84th Academy Awards – Celebrate the Music

“Celebrate the Oscars”
[Written by Hans Zimmer]

Stephane Wrembel – Guitar solo
Sheila E. – Percussion
Ann Marie Calhoun – Violin
Martin Tillman – Cello
Produced by Hans Zimmer

“It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got Pharrell”
[Written by Pharrell Williams and Hans Zimmer]

Recorded by Mike Larson for i am OTHER entertainment at Circle House Studios, Miami, FL.
Assisted by Matthew Desrameaux and Gennaro Schiano. Digital Editing and Arrangement by Mike Larson.
Produced by Pharrell Williams for The Neptunes

“Sunrise on Bleecker Street”
[Written by Esperanza Spalding and Hans Zimmer]

Esperanza Spalding – double bass and vocal
J.R. Robinson – Drums
Satnam Ramgotra – Percussion and Human Beatbox
Dan Higgins – Soprano Saxophone
Ann Marie Calhoun – Violin
George Doering – Guitar
Randy Kerber – Keyboard
Arranged by Esperanza Spalding
Produced by Peter Asher

“Giorgio’s New Dancing Shoes”
[Written by Giorgio Moroder and Hans Zimmer]

Arranged by Giorgio Moroder
Special Thanks: Sheila E. and Junkie XL
Produced by Giorgio Moroder

[Written by Junkie XL and Hans Zimmer]

Arranged and remixed by Junkie XL @ the Computer Hell Cabin Santa Monica
Produced by Junkie XL

“Bump The E.”
[Written by Sheila E. and Hans Zimmer]

Featuring Sheila E.
Arranged and remixed by Sheila E.
All drums and percussion by Sheila E.
Engineer: Sir Mychael Davison
Recorded at at Blue 52 Studios, Sherman Oaks, CA
Production & Studio Manager: Raymond Mckinley
Assistant: Ia Cheveres
Managers: Lynn Mabry & Gilbert Davison Avid, Brian Carter
Produced by Sheila E.

“Oscar Sangamam”
[Written by A.R. Rahman and Hans Zimmer]

Featuring A.R. Rahman on vocal
Arranged by A. R. Rahman
Recorded at Panchathan Hollywood Studios and AM Studios
Sound Engineers: Deepak Pa, Srinidhi Suresh, Tony Joy and Kevin Doucette
Vocals, Harpejji and Continuum Fingerboard: A.R. Rahman
Produced by A. R. Rahman

“What a Wonderful World”
[George David Weiss & Bob Thiele – Range Road Music Inc. & Quartet Music Inc. – George David Weiss, Assigned to Abilene Music Inc.]

Sung by Esperanza Spalding with the Southern California Children’s Chorus conducted by Carol Aspling
Additional choir – The KMMusic Conservatory Chamber Choir (recorded at Yashraj Studios, Mumbai, India)
Additional singers – Sally Stevens, Teri Koide, Susie Logan, Donna Medine, Suzanne Waters, Gerald White, Fletcher Sheridan, Eric Bradley and Peter Asher
Arranged by Nick Glennie-Smith
Produced by Hans Zimmer and Peter Asher

Album Produced by: Peter Asher

Music Supervisor: Bob Badami
Musical Director: Nick Glennie-Smith
Music Production Services: Steven Kofsky
Associate Music Producer: Andrew Zack
Technical Consultant: Chuck Choi
Music Editor: Jessica Weiss
Sound Engineers: Slamm Andrews, Daniel Kresco and Satoshi Noguchi
Album Mixed By: Daniel Kresco
Assistant Engineer: Christian Wenger
Orchestrators: Bruce Fowler and Rick Giovinazzo
Copyist: Booker White
Digital Instrument Design: Mark Wherry
Sample Library Development: Cladius Bruese, Sam Estes and Michael Hobe

Album Mastered by: Pat Sullivan of Bernie Grundman Mastering

Studio: Remote Control Productions, Santa Monica, California

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