The New EasternMedia – What’s It All About

EasternMedia was originally created 2 years ago for motocross and recording, among other things. Steven Zimmer, CEO of EasternMedia, along with 2 others ran the business until Steven deployed, then things began to fall apart.

When asked why revamp EasternMedia and what its all about, Steven said… 

“What made me revamp it and open it up to a much larger audience is a website known as World Star Hip Hop. Essentially what you have to do on that site is buy your popularity ($600+) for spots on their website. I created the new EM in hopes of being the middle man that could bring these talented local artists to be seen by the right people and give them that big break they have been waiting for. I want artists to be viewed on their talent

not how much money they spend. The EM team is comprised of myself, Danny Ocean, Justin Time, Terrel Amos, Brian Ford, and Will Anthony, all of us coming from completely different backgrounds bringing something completely different to the table.

To sum it all up EasternMedia is a “hub” where local artists, rappers, producers, beat makers, bands of any sort, photographers, videographers, solo singers, basically anyone with a talent and love for the art of music and media can submit there work to be put onto the site to be viewed, voted on, and ranked by the people of the world wide web. There currently is NO charge whatsoever.”

– Artist of the Month
– Top 3 Mixtapes of the Month
– Mixtape/ Album Download Center

*They’re currently looking for affiliates who want to cross advertise

Email ( if you’re interested in working with the NEW revamped EasternMedia!

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