SSG OFFICIAL – Open Letter From Dot Com

PURPOSE – to generate an operating budget for a mainstream record label that you personally get money off, surpassing $10,000 via investors.‏

Everyone wants to know what I have been doing with all these business meetings and what’s about to happen.  I’ll explain, I have been attracting investors and  creating a budget but let me start by getting to the end … we have already surpassed our goal and doubled it, therefore we are going to pursue this venture with or without your help.

The purpose of this is to give you an opportunity to help us and help us help you.  This isn’t the typical record label setup where there are few things guaranteed when it comes to money. In this situation everyone has an opportunity to own a share of the company through investing. Therefore if you are a rapper , you’re essentially signing yourself to the label and guaranteeing yourself money to use at your dispense for things that you need to make your career better. If you are not an artist, you can either be someone who can fill a position such as models, dancers, graphics designers, lawyers, security, management, promoters, djs, merchandising in which case you’re basically investing in your own career, or you can be a regular hardworking person on the 9-5 grind and simply want to invest. Either way, SSG OFFICIAL is going to be the first independent record company in NC with a major budget. Right now we estimate over $25,000 to begin with and with your help that can be more and you can get a piece of the pie!!

Why the goal of $10,000 ? The primary source of income to begin with will be a party bus business. The party bus will also double as our tourbus which will increase profits and promotion at the source and begin a snowball effect where the more shows we do, the more business the bus gets and the more business the bus gets the more popular we get, which means higher demanding prices and more money for YOU.

So how do you get paid ?? Well this money that the investment group puts up is known as the start up fund, and the ig (investment group) gets 25% of ALL INCOME GENERATED BY THE LABEL, meaning show money, merchandise, album sells, iTunes, down to advertisements like TV endorsements as well as sponsoring websites. Iamdotcom get it ? So I’m tapped all into getting paid via the internet and there are alot of untapped resources in the music industry. All  you have to do is invest, at least $200 but of course there is no limit, the larger your investment the bigger your share and in the end the bigger piece of those 25%s you receive.

For example, if the total we raise with investors is $30,000 and you put up $7500 then you have 25% of the start up fund and everytime the money (25%) comes out of the labels total, you then get 25% of that money. So if we sell an album for $10, we simply sell 1,000 copies so thats $10,000 you then get $625, but just think … I can sell 1,000 copies with my eyes closed ! And here’s the final part thats new age in thinking…

Lawyers, notarizing and contracts !

Thats right, on signing day, each individual will have 1 on 1  consultation with me and the lawyer who will also serve as the notary, you may bring your personal lawyers as well.  We will review the contract which each person will sign, that will say how much you put in and what % that was of the ig, and I will sign that 25% of everything the label makes goes back to the ig !

If you still have questions please contact me so that I can clear them up. You can call me between 12-9pm 7 days of the week – 252-227-3040

and please plan to be at signing day on Saturday Afternoon, April 21st, 2012 between 4pm and 7pm at the comfort suites in Raleigh, 1309 Corporation Pkwy, (between New Bern and New Hope).

Do not do this if you don’t believe, and if you’re not ready to change your life drastically, this is a never before done concept and it’s a proven theory! One person alone can’t do anything as big as what we’re about to do, but together we can’t lose. We build our own budget ! You can put up as much as you want to get back when the money starts rolling in !

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