AAOTH: Nashville Film Festival Debut

“An Affair of the Heart” Makes its Nashville Film Festival Debut Saturday, April 21st at 6pm.

We’re excited to be apart of the film festival journey, to capture audience reaction and share in the buzz. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, April 11th at 9am and a sell out is expected. Visit: http://www.nashvillefilmfestival.org/ to get your tickets!

(Sylvia Caminer / USA / 93 min.)

In a cultural phenomenon every bit as fanatical as Deadheads and Bieber Fever, pop star Rick Springfield’s fans have been following him with religious devotion for 30 years. Bursting onto the global music scene in 1981 with “Jessie’s Girl,” his matinee idol good looks and starring role on “General Hospital” have often overshadowed his status as a serious musician … but not to the millions of international fans who make pilgrimages to his concerts just to spend time with other “Rick-a-holics” and be transported back to the glory days of the 1980’s. “An Affair of the Heart” takes an intimate and often comical look into this fascinating sub-culture and the lives of a few of these diehard fans, exploring how the relationship with their idol and his music has personally inspired and affected their lives and ALL those around them. TENNESSEE PREMIERE.

For More Information Visit: http://rickspringfielddoc.com/

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