6 Month Rule Movie Review

Secret Identity Productions in association with Steakhaus Productions present “6 Month Rule,” the new film from writer/director Blayne Weaver.  The film revolves around a bachelor who follows a set of rules in order to avoid emotional attachment, the most important being: there is no woman so perfect that you can’t get over her in six months.  Knowing that he will get over her allows him to dismiss relationships easily and without regret… Until he meets a girl who changes everything.

Blayne Weaver stars in the film as the perpetually single Tyler Watts.  Martin Starr plays Tyler’s best friend Alan who is recovering after a break-up from his longtime fiancé played by Jaime Pressly.  Natalie Morales plays Sophie, the  girl that makes Tyler question all the rules he lives by.  Vanessa Branch plays Wendy, Tyler’s recurring casual relationship and Patrick J. Adams plays Julian, the hipster rock star that Tyler’s character must defeat in order to win the girl.  Weaver directed Adams in the 2009 film “Weather Girl.”

Rounding out the cast are John Michael Higgins, Dave Foley, Brandon Barrera and Kristina Klebe.

6 Month Rule is produced by Steak House and Brandon Barrera who last collaborated on Weaver’s 2009 romantic comedy, “Weather Girl” (www.weathergirlmovie.com)

 Watch the Movie Trailer: HERE

Movie Review:

Obnoxious Tyler Watts gives bad advise to his friend, lives in a world with relationship rules he’s devised and learns they don’t always apply. Ignoring the obvious, smacks him in the face and delivers a one-two punch, when confronted with exactly who he is by Sophie. Tyler realizes he isn’t immune to his own, “6 Month Rule” and it sends him into a tailspin of destruction. Not being able to get out of his own way, puts him at risk of losing the one thing he thought he’d never find; love.

Blayne Weaver (Tyler) and Patrick J. Adams (Julian)

This isn’t the typical dating/relationship movie, though it houses familiarities. You’ve got the rockstar, the pitiful, the bff and the girl, with unique twists and turns, and surprisingly fun humor from the gallery guy, Charles.

Kicking off it’s theatrical run 6/1/12, “6 Month Rule” is definitely a film to see. And no! It’s not a chic flick; which should make you guys very happy.

Blayne Weaver did an outstanding job, from beginning to end and I must admit… I was pleasantly surprised and found myself another movie favorite!

Julian, Sophie and Tyler on deck.

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  1. So this movie steals from so many movies that it’s impossible to see it as anything more than just pastiche. I know that’s sort of par for the course with this genre, but still they could’ve tried at least one original plot element.

    I’d say the only good things going for this movie were OK chemistry between the two leads once the movie got going, and a some good music – I enjoyed the score by Andrew Hollander and also loved that they used “Lonesome Co” by Admiral Radley when Tyler is left alone at the bar by Sophie, but overall this is only worth a free streaming watch if you’re bored.

  2. May not be the best movie I’ve seen, but I definitely don’t agree that’s it’s not worth paying to watch… as suggested by Modest Complexity. Everybody wants everything for free now days, dismissing that a lot of time, effort and hard work (too name a few) goes into movies, music, etc.

    There are worse movies that have brought in millions!

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