Magical Moment At Miller Park Inspiration for New Children’s Book

Wisconsin Author Has Special Brewers Moment Land in Her Lap – Literally

The mom of two young girls from Waterford, Wisconsin remembers the moment as if it were yesterday. And what transpired that day at Miller Park gave Marla McKenna the inspiration to pen her new children’s book, Mom’s Big Catch, a heartwarming story of one’s family adventure at the ballpark.

The book is inspired by actual events that took place at Miller Park involving former Brewers star Geoff Jenkins’ final game as a Milwaukee Brewer in 2007. And it also gave McKenna the desire and driving passion to take that special moment and turn it into something that will not only inspire other children who attend baseball games with their parents and dream about catching that treasured prize at a ball game, but will also help raise charitable funds for a very worthy cause, the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation.

That Foundation’s mission is to ensure that every animal rescued is given a second chance at a happy life and a loving forever home. To top it off, singer, actor and best-selling author Rick Springfield will be matching McKenna’s donation. The first donation of $1000 was recently given to the Foundation.

“When Marla approached me about matching a donation for the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation,” said Springfield, “I thought about how much this would mean for the awesome dogs that Linda rescues and takes care of. It’s a great opportunity to help a fantastic organization, and Mom’s Big Catch is a very fun story for kids. I am happy to support this project.” 

McKenna’s enamel coated soft cover book is very easy-to-read and is filled with fun illustrations. It introduces young children to Ashley, one of McKenna’s two daughters. Ashley’s dream is to catch a ball hit by her favorite team. At the last game of the season, she wouldn’t dare leave her seat, or she might have missed Mom’s Big Catch. It’s the unique way this ball was caught that makes this book so special. In the story, despite the lure of ice cream, cotton candy and popcorn, everything kids love, Ashley stays by her mom’s side while her dad and sister, Julia, go to the concession stand for treats.

And, it’s a good thing she stayed! You won’t believe what happened!

Mom’s Big Catch is available at bookstores nationwide and can be ordered at,, or . This is also an eLIVE title, meaning each book contains a code redeemable for a free audio book version from eLIVE—Listen, Imagine, View, and Experience.

McKenna, who loves animals and has a dog named Sadie (also in the book), enjoys spending quality time with her family as well as attending baseball games and concerts. She has always been passionate about the creative aspect of writing and graphic design.

This book and experience has allowed McKenna to reach out to children at the schools she visits and offer a very positive message of following dreams and never giving up! It is also proving to be a big hit with baseball teams as the book can be customized to fit any team with their colors, uniforms, stadium, etc. Teams are using it in their reading programs and as a game day giveaway to young fans in attendance while promoting literacy, family and baseball and building the foundation for future loyal fans!

The Bluefield Blue Jays will be having a Mom’s Big Catch day at their stadium where 400 fans 10 and under will all receive a copy of the book!

There’s a secret buried within her prose in Mom’s Big Catch, and it involves the actual catch that happened that wonderful day at Miller Park. It involves the flight of the ball from Geoff Jenkins, and how it arrived at her seat that day. Ask her, and she just might tell you the inside scoop!

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