The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 Review


I’ve struggled with writing this review, simply because I seem to be stuck on the “edge of my seat” fight scene. While the movie starts off a bit slow and unadventurous, loose ends are tied up, making it an awesome finale.

Bella is captivating as a vampire and discovers her strength isn’t the only thing that makes her unique; she has quite a gift. Powerful and protective, Bella shows Edward what he’s longed to see and she learns that Jacob isn’t going anywhere.

The fight! Without giving anything away, let me say this is by far the best part of the movie. Every emotion is tested from beginning to end, all while hanging on the edge of your seat, and applause erupting from movie-goers when Aro gets his, says filmmakers made a wise choice. The heartbreak of loss will quickly change, leaving you with feelings of betrayal and yet relief.

Not only will you finally see Bella as a vampire and in action, you’ll leave the theatre thrilled that there’s no guessing or wondering, due to the peek into the future.

Is it truly the end for Twilight? Maybe – maybe not. If so, it’s ended well and if not, it’ll be interesting to see where Stephenie Meyer takes us next.

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