Musik and Film Records: New EP With Dustin Walker and Rick Springfield

20130104-014037.jpg CONGRATS are in order for Cover Story Dustin Walker! Go get ’em Dustin…

Musik and Film Records has just signed a new EP and single with Dustin Walker and Rick Springfield. Musik Radio Promotions will be promoting worldwide. Recorded and produced by Jeff Silverman of Palette Studios.

Musik and Film are proud to be the label and promoter of Dustin Walker! Dustin is playing in Rick Springfield’s new movie, An Affair of the Heart. Rick says of Dustin, “I’m honored to be part of someone’s life like that”. We will be seeing a lot of Dustin!

Stephen Wrench, Musik and Film President said: “Dustin is a heart throb waiting to happen”.


Check out the Official Trailer for “An Affair of the Heart“. Dustin is introduced at 1:59!


About Musik and Film

Musik and Film is known as one the top Indie labels in the world. We are multi-faceted covering production, publicity, radio promotion. Our labels, Out of the Box Records and Cinderella Records, are distributed by the largest network in the world, The Orchard.

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  1. Way to go Dustin. I am so proud of you. You deserve the best life has to offer. I love you!!!

  2. I can’t wait for everyone to hear Dustin’s songs. Dustin is a star waiting to be born!

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