Carolina Panthers: Week 3

Newton_CamWeek 3 of the 2013 NFL season brought a big win for the Carolina Panthers.  Coming into the match-up against the NY Giants, the Panthers needed to come out with a vengeance and erase those 4th quarter mistakes that lost their leads in the previous 2 weeks.  Both teams were hoping to gain their first win of the season, but in the end the Panthers shut out the Giants 38-0.

Will the Panthers be able to use that big win against the Giants to gain momentum for the rest of the season?  They have an extra week to prepare for their next game against the Arizona Cardinals, coming in off a win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week 4.  A bye week could be good for the Panthers since their injury report is currently loaded with questionable players including Jon Beason and Mike Tolbert.  On the other hand, a bye week could take that winning fuel away.  The Panthers need consistency.  They need week 3’s offense every week.

One thing was proven in week 3, when Cam Newton steps out of the pocket and uses those legs, the Panthers are hard to stop.   Of course having your franchise QB exposed to injury is not ideal, but it seems to get Newton in a winning rhythm.  When Cam’s in that rhythm, the whole team gets behind him.  Plus keeping the defense on their toes wondering if he’s going to run is a good way to open up some big plays for the offense.

Carolina’s defense is suffering the most in the injury department. Missing 4 starters on defense and 4 defensive backs in week 3, they managed to play their best game.  Eli Manning was sacked 7 times and only passed for 119 yards.  The Panthers dominated on both sides of the ball.Giants Panthers Football

Without a doubt, the Panthers are an unpredictable team.  One week they may play like Super Bowl contenders, while the next week they blow a lead with rookie mistakes.  It’s hard to say whether a bye week will help or hurt them.  Guess we’ll just have to see which team shows up at University of Arizona stadium on Sunday.

By: Sabrina Sales

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