The Panthers Do It Again… Lose!

imageFrustration and disappointment could be seen, felt and heard all across the Carolina’s on Sunday.  The Carolina Panthers lost…again.  The Arizona Cardinals were able to hold the Panthers to only 2 field goals, winning the game 22-6.

At the start of the game, it looked as if the bye week coupled with the shut-out win over the NY Giants in week 3 had given the Panthers a spark.  Robert Lester snagged an interception on the first series and Cam Newton was 5-for-5 for 70 yards, driving the Panthers to the Arizona 11-yard line.  This is where the spark started to fizzle out.  On third-and-3 from the 4-yard line, Newton fired a pass to Steve Smith, but the ball bounced off Smith’s hands.  Bring on the field goal unit for 3 points. The first half of the game ended with the Panthers on top 6-3, both teams unable to reach the end zone.  The Cardinals dominated the second half, scoring 19 unanswered points.

Penalties and dropped passes were big factors in Carolina’s loss.  The Panthers were penalized 9 times for a total of 79 yards.  Steve Smith dropped 2 passes, one of which would have been a touchdown.  There were several missed opportunities in the red zone.  The Panthers just couldn’t get it together Sunday.  The fact that Cam Newton was sacked 7 times shows that there is plenty of blame to go around for Carolina’s pitiful performance.

I won’t even begin to guess how week 6 will go against the Minnesota Vikings.  The Vikings will be coming in off their bye week with a 1-3 record to match the Panthers.  It’ll be anybody’s game.  Let’s hope week 6 will be the Panthers turning point to a much better season.  That’s all us Panthers fans have left is hope, even if it’s just a little bit.

By: Sabrina Salesimage(2)

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