From The Bay To The UK… 49ers Looking Good To Win At Wembley

imageTwo teams are traveling across the pond in Week 8 to go head-to-head at Wembley Stadium in London. The Jacksonville Jaguars (0-7) will play host to the San Francisco 49ers (5-2).  The game is the second of this NFL season at Wembley.  The NFL is gaining popularity in the UK… this week’s match-up will be played in front of a sold out crowd of 84,000.

image(2)Many expect a blowout considering the Jaguar’s winless record.  Jacksonville’s defense have their work cut out for them if they stand a chance against the 49ers.   San Francisco is ranked 3rd in the league for their rushing attack, and if the weather is going to be as torrential as expected, we’ll be seeing a lot Frank Gore’s explosiveness and we may even see QB Colin Kaepernick take off for some runs as well .  Gore has rushed for 547 yards this season.  The Jaguars’ defense is ranked No. 28th in the league, giving up an average of 31.7 points per game and their offense is the worst ranked in the NFL.  These 2 teams are definitely on opposite ends of the spectrum, but there’s always a chance for an upset.

Another game to watch on Sunday is the match-up between the Cleveland Browns (3-4) and the Kansas City Chiefs (7-0).  The Chiefs have had a pretty soft schedule thus far and when you look at the stats, these teams aren’t that far apart considering their current records.  The Browns are ranked higher than the Chiefs in Passing and are almost neck-and-neck in defense.  Could we see an upset in the near future for Kansas City? By Sabrina Sales

Remaining Week 8 match-ups:

Miami Dolphins (3-3) @ New England Patriots (5-2)

Buffalo Bills (3-4) @ New Orleans Saints (5-1)

Dallas Cowboys (4-3) @ Detroit Lions (4-3)

New York Giants (1-6) @ Philadelphia Eagles (3-4)

Pittsburgh Steelers (2-4) @ Oakland Raiders (2-4)

New York Jets (4-3) @ Cincinnati Bengals (5-2)

Atlanta Falcons (2-4) @ Arizona Cardinals (3-4)

Washington Redskins (2-4) @ Denver Broncos (6-1)

Green Bay Packers (4-2) @ Minnesota Vikings (1-5)

*Monday Night Football

Seattle Seahawks (6-1) @ St. Louis Rams (3-4)

*Bye Week

Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, San Diego Chargers, Tennessee Titans

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