Panthers Head Out West To Face The 49ers

The Carolina Panthers extended their winning streak to 4 in a row today, bringing their record up to 5-3. They hosted division rivals, Atlanta Falcons, who are now 2-6. The Panthers weren’t flawless and Cam Newton threw 2 interceptions in the first half, but they did make some big plays and the defense did their job well.


With the score close at half-time, Panthers leading 14-10, it seemed this would be a close game with both teams fighting to put points on the board. The 3rd quarter only saw 3 points, a field goal by Carolina’s Graham Gano. Things changed in the 4th quarter and the Panthers sealed the win, scoring 17 unanswered points ending the game 34-10.

Carolina’s defense held the Falcons to only 1 touchdown, proving once again why they are one of the top ranked defenses in the league. Carolina fans are finally seeing the team they knew was there all along. The Panthers are playing some of the best football we’ve seen since 2003, when they went all the way to Super Bowl XXXVII. Oddly enough, that season is the same one that earned Carolina the nickname “The Cardiac Cats”.


We’re only halfway through the season, and like any Panther’s fan knows, we can never predict how things will go on game day from one week to the next. Carolina has had one of the toughest schedules in the NFL this season. Their remaining games will give them the opportunity to prove they are a team that deserves respect, if they can win. Next week they will travel to San Francisco to face the 49ers (6-2). The Niners have home field advantage as well as some extra down time, this week was their Bye Week. The Panthers need to prepare, get focused, calm their nerves and play like they’ve played in the past 4 weeks. I think the Cardiac Cats are about to make a comeback…I hope I’m right. By Sabrina Sales

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