K*Chele and Company Take-Over NFC Divisional Playoff Game

The NFL playoffs are always full of excitement. K*Chele and myself were lucky enough to be in the midst of it all this past Sunday to watch the Carolina Panthers take on the San Francisco 49ers at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. Wow, what an experience that was! We’ve both been to regular season games, but the playoffs create a whole new atmosphere.


With K*Chele being a die-hard 49ers fan since 1977 and myself being a die-hard Panthers fan since 2000, this could only be fun right? Husbands in tow and dressed in our team colors from top to bottom, we could feel the energy as soon we exited I-77 towards the stadium. Football fans were everywhere, both teams represented. The streets surrounding BOA stadium were tailgate central. Of course the Panther fans outnumbered the Niner fans by quite a few, but everyone was having fun with each other and just enjoying the experience together. K*Chele’s hubby turned quite a few heads, wearing his Seahawks jersey, as he waited to see who they’d be hosting in the NFC Championship game.


We had great seats in the end zone, 2nd row from the field. K*Chele even had a few minutes of interaction with her Niners before the game! It didn’t hurt that she was toting a sign that read “This Carolina Girl Bleeds Red & Gold. Now bring me a game ball and a kiss!”

From kick-off until the end of the game, the stadium was nuts! In the end, the 49ers took our Panthers down 23-10; my husband and I weren’t even mad, we had too much fun. The highlight of our day was seeing Cam Newton throw a touchdown pass to Steve Smith…literally a few feet away from us! It was amazing! Seeing K*Chele watch her boys play in-person for the first time, and them take the win, was the icing on the cake. Her hubby’s Seahawks jersey received a lot of attention, on the walk back to our car after the game; shouts of “Seahawks are next!” from the 49er fans and “Go Seahawks!” from the Panther fans were heard all around us.


Photo: Michael Macor, The Chronicle

Now that our Panthers are out of the play-offs, a lot of Panther Nation will be getting behind the Seahawks. I will go against the grain on this one and give my support to the 49ers. Though it won’t be easy after the heartbreaking loss, K*Chele and I had a pact to support the winning team after this game.

See you next season Panthers, KEEP POUNDING!
By: Sabrina Sales

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