Grace: NaFF World Premiere Pre-Screening Info and Q&A


Gracie knows hangovers. She’s intimately acquainted with them. But this one? Why did she wake up, half-dressed, on a Florida beach, 1100 miles from home? And this time her father – who also knows about the tragedy of addiction from his struggles with Gracie’s mom – isn’t going to clean things up. Suspicious and distrustful of everyone, including a café owner with a troubled history of her own, Gracie prefers the relief of alcohol – which had always worked for her. When she’s arrested for public drunkenness and attacking a police officer, Gracie is given a choice: six months in jail or 90 meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous in 90 days, and she has to do it in the small town she’s landed in. She’s not used to strangers caring about her, but perhaps the power of community can help her sidestep the landmines lining her path to sobriety – especially the ones she’s laid herself. Rooted in powerful performances by Annika Marks (“The Sessions”) and Sharon Lawrence (“NYPD Blue”), “GRACE.” compassionately looks at the disease of addiction through a young woman inching towards redemption.

Grace was produced by Emmy Award-winning director and producer, Sylvia Caminer; Executive Produced by Cynthia Joy Goggins and written/directed by Heath Jones. This brilliant and heart-touching tale premieres at the Nashville Film Festival 2014, April 18th and 19th.

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WHAT: Grace World Premiere

WHERE: Nashville Film Festival 2014
Regal Hills Green Stadium 16 & Downtown Nashville

WHEN: Premiere – Friday, April 18 at 6:30pm OR Sat., April 19 at 10:30am
Red Carpet – Friday, April 18 at 5:15pm

WHO: Producer Sylvia Caminer, Stars: Annika Marks, Sharon Lawrence, Chase Mowen, Liam Springthorpe & Cynthia Joy Goggins

MORE: Reserve Tickets –
Press Inquiries contact Heather Weiss:

Pre-Screening Q&A with Sylvia Caminer…

1) How did you get involved with Grace?
Heath Jones the Writer/Director first reached out to me and told me about the project. He also introduced me to Cindy Joy Goggins – they had been working on the story for several months and Heath was writing the screenplay. I was compelled by the characters and after meeting Cindy I was really taken by her bravery in making this film and putting everything on the line. I was also excited to be working in the beautiful beach town community of New Smyrna Beach.

2) Your projects are always engaging, insightful, and pack a positive punch. When deciding which you’re going to work on, what do you look for?
Script is very important to me and also the lead creative team. I haven’t always been able to select projects that I am going to work on simply by their insightful journeys or positive messaging. After all we have to eat before we can think/create. As a true independent producer at times I have been compelled to work on a film for reasons of survival but even on those projects there have always been positive aspects and I find the nature of true collaboration very rewarding. Currently, however, I am feeling quite fortunate to be able to pick and choose based on subjects that I can get behind. As I move into a heavier focus on directing I hope to always make films that entertain but also make people think and perhaps look within.

3) I’m definitely looking forward to the premiere of Grace. What should my readers know, that’ll get them to the theatre?
Grace addresses the age old problem of addiction and what it is that makes a person move towards the healthy resolution of recovery. There have been quite a few terrific films on alcohol addiction (The Days of Wine and Roses, Smashed etc) but what sets Grace apart is that our focus is on the family disease of addiction that doesn’t happen in dangerous neighborhoods or among the uneducated. Gracie could be anyone’s daughter, a seemingly model citizen until she grabs a drink. Alcohol addiction is often portrayed as part of an affliction of the more modest class but in reality this disease holds no punches in selecting its prey. Many would say that we are all addicted to something, our children, our work, favorite football team, Rick Springfield (Haha) but it is how we control that addiction rather than letting it control our lives that determines whether it is truly addiction or merely passionnate commitment. The no-holds-barred performance by Annika Marks as Gracie is incredibly powerful and shouldn’t be missed (I expect we will be seeing a lot of her), it is also great fun to watch the formidable Sharon Lawrence who so skillfully portrays the heartache so close to the surface to many of those living the daily walk of recovery. This also marks the feature debut with compelling performances by Chase Mowen, Cindy Joy Goggins & Liam Springthorpe.

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  1. OMG I will be at the festival and I cannot wait to see this one!

  2. Awesome Terry! See you there 🙂

  3. What an amazing concept/story-line. This movie looks like it’s definitely going to be a must-see at the festival this year. Really looking forward to seeing it!

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