Tanzania: Movie Review


Why? Is a question I tend to ask often. Throughout the movie, it became a bigger part of my vocabulary.


What began with an idea, of what I thought the film was about, to the unfolding on the screen, were totally different. The reality… shook me to my core, stirred my soul, and touched my heart.
There were moments of joy, pure beauty, and, “tissues please!”, as tears poured from my eyes.


We’ve all read “Must See” reviews. This goes deeper than that!
The journey Ven and Kristen take are the same, yet very different. Experiencing their truth and the reality of Tanzania, pulls you in the film and gives you an honest look at the life they celebrate. Where belief that love is the best thing in life, and reward is accomplishment without a check, flourishes.

We complain about things like, women’s rights, but in comparison, we have nothing to complain about. We are afforded school K-12, and yet many quit. We have libraries filled with books, though many go unread. We have people in our life who love us, and many times hurt them without regard. Why?

I challenge you too watch “Tanzania” with an open mind and heart. Allow the film to walk you through the journey Ven and Kristen take. If you do so, you won’t be the same; and you may join me in asking… WHY…?


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