Grace: Movie Review


Sun and sand greet Gracie (Annika Marks) with a reality check she needs, but isn’t quite prepared for. Given little choice, she takes the path of least resistance, avoiding jail time.

When faced with town folk who not only care, but understand, she accepts refuge from Sonia (Sharon Lawrence) who ultimately, teaches Gracie strength to endure.

*Fun Fact: Rick Springfield’s son, Liam Springthorpe, plays Pickles and does so phenomenally!


Reef (Chase Mowen) lights up the screen with his bright smile… (insert: heart melting), and becomes quite the temptation for Gracie. A temptation she should’ve resisted. Just because it looks good, doesn’t mean it is good.

Jessie (Cindy Joy Goggins) brings too life a very real hurt that many will understand, and some will relate with.


Addiction isn’t an easy subject to tackle, yet this film does so effortlessly. Thanks to the great cast and crew, you’ll leave the theatre with a renewed sense of release and discussing the subject.

This light-hearted film takes you through a serious problem, injecting laughter along the way… Go see Grace. You’ll be glad you did!

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