Jason Marsden: Voice-Over Acting Review


By far one of the most interesting and fun panels I’ve attended to-date. Jason is full of energy, extremely talented, and quite good at directing. And much shorter than I thought; sorry Jason! LOL

The crowd was a mix of… seasoned voice-over actors, those wanting to break in the industry, and those like myself, who were merely observers.

It was intriguing too watch the process take place, and neat too hear the different voices from those who participated during the event. Marsden was on it, when directing the audience participants, giving them a scenario, script, and “what happens in the booth” feeling.

Teachable moments, that even I will never forget, was given during the 2-hour session, providing valuable insight.

If you’re wanting to join the voice-over acting community, or simply curious about it, catch an interactive panel with Jason. Then decide if you’ve got what it takes to forge ahead.

Live Event Synopsis:

Jason Marsden shares the secrets of successful voice-over acting. His deep resume includes the voice of Impulse on DC Nation’s Young Justice, Conrad “Duke” Hauser in GI Joe: Renegades, various Disney characters – including Haku in the Academy Award -winning Spirited Away – and on-screen appearances in Full House, Step By Step and Will and Grace.

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