Lucky Them: Movie Review


Music critic Ellie Klug (Toni Collette) sets out too find rock icon and ex-boyfriend, Matthew Smith, who disappeared 10 years earlier. Though a part of her wants to know what happened, if Matthew is in fact still alive, Giles (Oliver Platt) doesn’t give her much choice.

Charlie (Thomas Haden Church) joins Ellie in her search with a video camera in hand, to capture footage for a documentary. He’ll drive you mad along the way in an idiotic but fun fashion, and have you.. awww’ing at the end.

Reminiscent of Eddie and the Cruisers, and Almost Famous, this film makes a great companion to both. And I was thrilled to discover Johnny Depp had been cast!

Depp’s role adds a finishing touch not expected, and will have you drawing your own conclusion.

If you appreciate these types of films, you’ll love this one!

Set to release May 30, 2014, DirecTV customers can watch it NOW for $10.99.

Emily Wachtel via Wikipedia:

Wachtel co-wrote, produced and acted in the recently released, semi-autobiographical Lucky Them.
Wachtel used her author’s pseudonym, Ellie Klug, as the name of her main character in Lucky Them, as well as her own experience in music and dating scenes. Her pseudonym appeared in several publications and for a column in the “Fairfield Weekly.”


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