Take Me To The River: Movie Review


Filled with laughable, tearful moments, this film not only embraces the music, but the people behind it. These words: we don’t have a generation gap, we have a communication gap… hit me with impact and have stayed with me. There’s so much truth in that statement.

Take Me to the River brings too life the process, the love, and where it began. With a heart too mend all that’s wrong, they’ve taken a huge step in the right direction towards bridging the gap. Bringing in young talent to work with, and be mentored by, some of musics greats, adds something special to the film.

To love music as much as I do, you gain a new appreciation and respect for those involved with this project, and want to see it succeed in a big way. It’s one thing to stand on the sidelines and talk about what was, and what has gone wrong, but these folks stepped up and took action.

It was heartwarming too see the film unfold, and heartbreaking that some had passed on. Yet comforting too know they were apart of the film, and doing what they loved.

Honored to have spoken with Matin Shore, William Bell, Al Kapone, (and Boo Mitchell after the screening), I knew right away that this film was a labour of love, a passion project… one they truly hope will make an impact and difference.

Love that Terrence Howard and Snoop Dogg were involved. The rawness of the film drew me in immediately and held my attention till the end. You’ll laugh-out-loud, and possibly shed a tear, but whatever you do… see this film!

For More Information: http://takemetotheriver.livingfilm.com


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