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K*Chele is an online magazine that shares passion for the music industry and the world of entertainment. Providing a platform to those at a local, national and international level, with worldwide exposure.

Mission Statement:
K*Chele Magazine prides itself in being a non-negative media outlet. Printing and reporting positive, informative, fun music and entertainment news and photos.

Birth date: 7 June 2010


Sleepless Nights are Worth It. How Kim Started a Magazine by ARTISTPRENEURS

  Many have asked, why a magazine? Every facet of the music and entertainment industry ignites my soul. Growing up surrounded by musically talented and entertaining family and friends, it took to me as I took to it. I equate my success, in part, to staying grounded. In fact, I’m still blown away by how far K*Chele has come in such a short period of time. It definitely helps to have an ear for music, an eye for a good movie, and emotions to feel live entertainment.

    My story is vast, but what everyone needs to know is, hard work without greed is very much alive in this industry. Networking and surrounding myself with like-minded folks, continues to make all the difference. In essence, K*Chele magazine showcases those who deserve the exposure mixed with those who garner attention. Bringing the two-worlds together, driven by passion and heart, has set us apart from others in our field.

    In less than two years K*Chele has entered eighty two countries, mingled on the red carpet with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and become part of several coveted media lists. I look forward to all that is to come.    

    The many hours logged researching, listening to music, watching live shows and movies, are as much fun as the interviews and creative process that goes into each issue. The sleepless nights and dedication this field requires, is worth it all once the finished product is in my hands and the hands of others.

Written by: Kimberly Michele Durham

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