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Grace: Movie Review


Sun and sand greet Gracie (Annika Marks) with a reality check she needs, but isn’t quite prepared for. Given little choice, she takes the path of least resistance, avoiding jail time.

When faced with town folk who not only care, but understand, she accepts refuge from Sonia (Sharon Lawrence) who ultimately, teaches Gracie strength to endure.

*Fun Fact: Rick Springfield’s son, Liam Springthorpe, plays Pickles and does so phenomenally!

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Tanzania: Movie Review


Why? Is a question I tend to ask often. Throughout the movie, it became a bigger part of my vocabulary.


What began with an idea, of what I thought the film was about, to the unfolding on the screen, were totally different. The reality… shook me to my core, stirred my soul, and touched my heart.
There were moments of joy, pure beauty, and, “tissues please!”, as tears poured from my eyes.

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The Best Man Holiday: Movie Review


This heartbreaking, laugh out loud movie, takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Well written and packed with an amazing cast, you quickly become a part of the film, with it’s relatable characters and story lines.

If you missed The Best Man, there’s no cause for concern, but watch it if you can before seeing this long awaited follow up.

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Won’t Back Down: Movie Review


“Won’t Back Down” tackles some very real problems that continue to occur in schools across the country today. The message this film sends is far more important, than what critics claim is missing.

If you’ve ever dealt with a failing school, a broken system, teachers who don’t care or children who aren’t learning… This movie will speak to you.

Be the change you want to see! Movie quote and truth statement. So many are quick to speak and yet, slow to react or do at all. It’s when you’re tired of waiting, that motivation strikes and propels you into action.

Should you be someone whom the films storyline doesn’t apply, or perhaps you’ve never encountered this or a similar situation, the empowerment this movie delivers will beg the question… Are you tired of waiting?

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LINCOLN: Movie Review

With bits of humor, this film is profound and incredibly compelling!


You can’t watch this film without visiting several emotions and being drawn into the battle this country faced during that time. Thanks to the incredible onscreen performances and the magnificent portrayal of Lincoln by Daniel Day-Lewis, you’re injected in their era and will find yourself making comparisons to the current day.

Tommy Lee Jones (Thaddeus Stevens) is brilliant as a powerful US House Representative, known as the dictator of Congress, and isn’t afraid to say what it takes, commanding attention and causing disruption.

“The House” still represents a lot of the same issues depicted in this film today and perhaps, even more so.

Great storyteller and leader, Abraham Lincoln was loved by many and yet, hated by those who feared change, the unknown and others for mere selfish reasons.

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A Christmas Story 2: Official Sequel Review


If you’re a fan of “A Christmas Story”, well… You’ve got to watch this one right?

While many may disagree, I loved it! … WHAT?! Are you kidding me? … No, actually I’m not. Though skeptical as I settled in to watch this official sequel, I found it to be a nice tribute to the original.

The cast is new but appropriate and Daniel Stern as Ralphie’s dad, adds a fun holiday classic feel to the film.

A Christmas Story 2 builds on the things we loved the original for… storyline, narration, setting, and though there’s no competition between the two, lovers of classic holiday movies will enjoy this film.

Love it or hate it, if you watch it, leave your comments below!

Watch the Trailer:

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 Review


I’ve struggled with writing this review, simply because I seem to be stuck on the “edge of my seat” fight scene. While the movie starts off a bit slow and unadventurous, loose ends are tied up, making it an awesome finale.

Bella is captivating as a vampire and discovers her strength isn’t the only thing that makes her unique; she has quite a gift. Powerful and protective, Bella shows Edward what he’s longed to see and she learns that Jacob isn’t going anywhere.

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Magic Mike Review

20120630-114825.jpgAdd 2-3 minutes to this clip and you have the best part of the movie; regarding stage scenes.

Overall, the movie has a good story line, but there’s more story, than dancing. And with all the build up from previews, trailers and clips, the hype is much more fun.

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6 Month Rule Movie Review

Secret Identity Productions in association with Steakhaus Productions present “6 Month Rule,” the new film from writer/director Blayne Weaver.  The film revolves around a bachelor who follows a set of rules in order to avoid emotional attachment, the most important being: there is no woman so perfect that you can’t get over her in six months.  Knowing that he will get over her allows him to dismiss relationships easily and without regret… Until he meets a girl who changes everything.

Blayne Weaver stars in the film as the perpetually single Tyler Watts.  Martin Starr plays Tyler’s best friend Alan who is recovering after a break-up from his longtime fiancé played by Jaime Pressly.  Natalie Morales plays Sophie, the  girl that makes Tyler question all the rules he lives by.  Vanessa Branch plays Wendy, Tyler’s recurring casual relationship and Patrick J. Adams plays Julian, the hipster rock star that Tyler’s character must defeat in order to win the girl.  Weaver directed Adams in the 2009 film “Weather Girl.”

Rounding out the cast are John Michael Higgins, Dave Foley, Brandon Barrera and Kristina Klebe.

6 Month Rule is produced by Steak House and Brandon Barrera who last collaborated on Weaver’s 2009 romantic comedy, “Weather Girl” (

 Watch the Movie Trailer: HERE

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Dolphin Tale Movie Review

Cast: Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Harry Connick Jr.

With expectations of a cute, family-friendly movie, I got so much more than I bargained for. Dolphin Tale is an uplifting, inspirational story that kept me smiling, laughing and even had me in tears.

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