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Tumblr Sends Artists and Fans Head over Heels

In the ever-changing world of social media, Facebook and Twitter are still the undisputed leaders. And while Google+, LinkedIn, MySpace and relative newcomer Pinterest all have their place, one platform is not-so-quietly making a notable surge.

According to the digital marketing firm comScore, Tumblr is one of the fastest-growing, consumer-oriented Internet sites over the past two years. Its audience has grown from 4.2 million visitors in July 2010 to more than 26.9 million in July 2012. As of July 30, Tumblr is home to 66.5 million blogs, which total more than 70 million daily posts with monthly page views of more than 17 billion.

In essence, Tumblr is a multimedia-focused blogging platform that marries the social networking of Facebook with the simplicity of Twitter and the full-featured aspects of Blogger or WordPress. But do we really need another social media technology?

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