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Jeff Gordon Reflects on the Opening of Butaro Hospital in Rwanda, Africa

There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to help when I was asked by Partners In Health and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute to assist in the establishment of a comprehensive cancer care program in Rwanda, Africa. I was alarmed by the thought of children suffering and ultimately dying of cancer because they didn’t have access to available treatments.

Photo credit: Dr. Vincent Degennaro, PIH.

Photo credit: Dr. Vincent Degennaro, PIH.

At the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation, we believe that no child, regardless of race or ethnicity should suffer and die from cancer. Unfortunately, in many poor countries, a cancer diagnosis is a death sentence. With the Butaro Cancer Center of Excellence we are working to change that.

Yesterday, I was joined by former President Bill Clinton, Partners In Health Co-Founder Paul Farmer, Rwandan President Paul Kagame, and many others to inaugurate the first comprehensive cancer care center in East Africa. (Click here to view video from the visit)  Read the rest of this entry